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We are a reliable and caring locally owned family business that offers great customer service and competitive rates. Professional, licensed and insured.

We care about your time and the environment. We will arrive on time for your scheduled pickup and will dispose of all materials at their proper disposal locations.

We care about the community and do our best to dispose of things in the proper place via recycling ♻️ or re-purpose untreated wood to mulch. We aim to donate & re-purpose anything from working appliances to garage junk.

We try to minimise dumping junk into landfills as much as possible while donating what can be donated.

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We offer residential, commercial, and event junk removal and hauling. Complimentary estimates with fair and honest pricing. We are licensed and insured, locally owned and operated, and offer same and next day appointments.

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Texas Tuff Hauling & Junk Removal Services

Do you need your home or your garage cleaned out?

Maybe you have an office space that has generated a lot of waste. You may also have old appliances at home that you want to get rid of.

What’s common among all these is that disposing of them can be quite difficult. You can’t just take your old appliance and leave it out on the curb, hoping that the garbage collector picks it up.

This is as a lot of the trash that people generate can’t just be thrown out with regular trash. So if you can’t dispose of your old microwave or even a hot tub in the usual way, what do you do?

Give us a call and we’ll be on our way to help with all of your junk removal needs!


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Texas Tuff Hauling Junk Removal

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